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Did you know that there are over 100 million pets all over the USA? One of the most common sources of allergic reactions involves  Cats and Dogs, as the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) reports.

Therefore when you are allergic to pets, it becomes almost impossible to avoid them. The next strategy is to keep within your reach the best cat allergy medicine. It will give you substantial relief from the itchy throat, runny nose, and irritating eyes.

After deep research involving opinions allergists and feedback from real users, here are the best cat and pollen allergy medicine to consider;

Top 8 Best Cat Allergy Medicine Reviews

1. Allegra Adult 24 Hour Allergy Tablets, 70 Tablets, Long-Lasting Fast-Acting Antihistamine for Noticeable Relief from Indoor and Outdoor Allergy Symptoms

If you are looking for pet allergy medicine for both adults and kids then consider Allegra allergy tablets. The drugs exist in different forms like tablets, gel caps, and soluble tablets for kids and liquids to suit various groups.

When you are suffering from allergy symptoms, Allegra tablets promise you fast tangible relief, within an hour after consumption.

The drug offers you relief from a wide range of allergens from both the indoor and outdoor environments. When contact with pet flake skins produce a running nose, constant sneezing and watery eyes go for the tablets for 24 hours relief.

It will complete relief to all the allergy symptoms yet leaves no drowsy feeling in you. Within minutes after consumption, typically an hour it provides evident relief. Therefore you won’t be tied down. Get over the allergy quickly and resume your work.

Pet allergy medicine relies on the main compound fexofenadine HCI for its fast-acting and prolonged effect. Since the major compound fexofenadine is non-sedating, Allegra has no drowsy or zombie aftermath feeling.

To make the consumption of the Allegra allergy medicine easier for kids, the medicine exists in the flavored liquid form; namely berry and orange flavors.


  • Available in different forms that are easily consumable even to kids
  • Brings the quick relief that goes on for 24 hours
  • Has no drowsy effect on the body
  • Covers for both indoor and outdoor allergens
  • Comes in a pack of 70 tablets


  • Quite expensive

2. Claritin 24 Hour Non-Drowsy Allergy Tablets, 10 mg, 70 Count

The powerful and non-drowsy antihistamine allergy medicine promises you 24 hours of relief. To help put your allergy symptom under control it covers over 200 allergens from wide sources.

To some people, allergens bring the drowsy or the head spin feeling. Claritin alleviates such a problem and calms the mind.

Consuming Claritin tablets doesn’t call for water. The tablets are highly soluble in the mouth. Thus you can always have it in your bag for any emergency use without needing any water.

At times it could be difficult to pinpoint what exactly produces allergic symptoms in you. That’s why Claritin Redi Tabs offers to more than 200 allergens. The allergens range from the common pet allergy-like cats, pollen or even molds. So it gives you relief from both the indoor and outdoor allergens

The cat allergy medicine is effective to the extent that you only need to take one tablet in a day. That offers relief to allergy signs like watery eyes, itchy nose, and throat.  It promises you that quick relief from the itchiness.

Moreover, the Claritin tabs don’t contain any artificial colors that might ignite any adverse effect on the skin.


  • Covers indoor, outdoor and seasonal allergens
  • Highly soluble
  • Produces do drowsy feeling


  • Though expensive it’s worth every penny

3. NasalCrom Nasal Allergy Symptom Controller | 200 Metered Sprays | .88 fl oz

NasalCrom gives you the chance to prevent allergic reactions before they occur. So long as you use the cat allergy medicine before exposure as the directives indicate. That means you won’t have to suffer the stuffy nose, running nose or constant sneezing.

To reap the full preventive potential of the drug just take it a week or two before the exposure time. During that time, the drug strengthens the nasal mast cells thus preventing the release of histamines. Thus you don’t suffer the symptoms

Since the drug comprises no steroids, you can use it alongside other allergy medicines. Also, it induces no sleep in you. Therefore while on the medication you won’t have to take off from your work.

But if you forget to take Nasalcrom before the exposure, it still offers relief. So it both relieves you from the symptoms and also stops further symptoms development.


  • Plays the double role of preventing and relieving the allergic symptoms at the same time
  • It’s a non-habit forming drug
  • Has no drowsy effect
  • Can be used together with other allergy medicines


  • It doesn’t provide instant relief
  • It’s not recommended for those aged two years and below

4. Zyrtec Prescription-Strength Allergy Medicine Tablets With Cetirizine, 3 Count, 10 mg

Most allergy symptoms come in the form of itchy nose, constant sneezing, watery eyes and itching sore throat. Such a cluster of symptoms weighs you down and prevents you from going with your daily activities.

But that is not so when you have Zyrtec allergy medicine. It promises you fast relief action within an hour. No wonder its one of the most prescribed allergy medicine all over the USA by Leading Physicians.

The drug belongs to the group of oral antihistamines. Each tablet has about 10mg of cetirizine HCl. Thus when you are faced with respiratory allergy problems or fever, then the drug offers quick relief.

It not only treats allergies from pets but also covers allergies which might result from the outdoor environment. The outdoor environment includes allergens like dust, grass pollens or tree pollens and molds.

Just one dose of Zyrtec works promises relief in one hour and continues to do so in for 24hours.


  • Promises fast response to alleviate allergy symptoms in an hour
  • Covers both the indoor and outdoor seasonal allergens
  • Gives relief over longer hours


  • The drug is only recommended for those aged 6 years and above.
  • Also, it might produce a drowsy effect on the victim
  • Exist in tablet form only

5. Nasacort Allergy 24 Hour Nasal Spray, 120 Sprays, Provides Relief for Allergy Symptoms Including

If your goal is the long-term solution of putting the cat allergy under control then Nasacort could be your best choice. The nasal spray promises you complete relief from the cat allergy symptoms in just one week.

Each bottle contains 120 spray shots which are more than enough to relieve the Allergy symptoms. Just one shot relieves you from the nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing for 24 hours.

The medicine comes in an easy to carry and apply package; nasal spray. The key feature of the drug is that it’s both alcohol-free and fragrance-free. For that reason, it won’t leave behind the funny aftertaste in your throat or nose after the spray.

Although it’s an over the counter drug it posses the strength of a prescription drug. Thus most customers have registered success from its usage. In addition to cat allergies, it also promises relief against other pets and outdoor allergens.

When you suffer nasal blockage, it has superior anti-inflammatory ability due to the acti9ve ingredient triamcinolone.  Thus it relieves relieve you of the nasal blockage.


  • Its formulation has no alcohol traces
  • The drug leaves no funny aftertaste in the nose or throat
  • Provides a complete days relief
  • Eases nasal blockage
  • Stops a runny nose


  • Relatively priced higher

6. Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Eye Drops 0.33 Ounce Bottle, for Temporary Relief from Red Eyes, Itchy Eyes, Burning

The Similasan has a unique formulation; it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. The repeated application of additives like vasoconstrictors produces an adverse effect.   The eye drop allergy medicine is composed of only natural ingredients like eyebright.

As a champion for more than 35 years, the Swiss brand medicine has been used by many to treat allergy. Thus it’s trusted and proved cat allergy medicine.

Many fear using allergy medicine due to their harsh side effects. However, Similasan has little or no side effects at all. So when you feel the itchiness or the burning sensation in the yes you can count on the eye drop allergy medicine.

Unlike other medicines which produce the rebound effect after prolonged use, Similasan is perfectly safe. Use it as often as the symptoms persist. Moreover, it’s mild and hence produces no stinging sensation on the eyes.

Instead of masking the allergy symptoms, the drug arouses the body’s defense mechanism to fight the itchiness of the eyes. Besides, it calms down the stinging, irritation, and the watering of the eyes.

Thus it gives you a clear and focused vision.  Owing to its natural ingredients composition such as eyebright, the drug is gentle to the eyes.


  • Produces no rebound effect even after repeated application
  • Its formulation consists of the natural ingredients only, no preservatives added
  • Produces great relief to the allergy symptoms of the eye
  • Can be applied as often as wanted
  • Has no stinging effect to the eyes


  • Difficult to squeeze the liquid out of the bottle
  • Attracts a high price tag

7. Flonase 24hr Allergy Relief Nasal Spray, Full Prescription Strength, 120 sprays

As the name suggests, Flonase nasal sprays guarantee you complete relief from the cat allergy. The OTC drug brings down the common allergy symptoms that would otherwise make you feel uncomfortable.

Although it fights the allergy symptoms in the body, it still leaves you active to perform your daily task. The key ingredient in the drug is fluticasone propionate.

Taking the Flonase nasal spray gives you 24 hours relief against the allergy symptoms. Particularly it relieves you from the itchy nose, itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. That gives you a better time to concentrate on your activities once again

Fortunately, it brings no sleepy feeling. At times when you take other drugs, they induce sleep in you. However, Flonase nasal spray doesn’t induce the drowsy feeling but instead leaves you active and alert. It only stops the allergy symptoms

Flonase is non-addictive. It doesn’t cause any addiction. Thus you can safely take the recommended full dose and still achieve the relief. Once a drug becomes addictive, you’ll have to take more than the recommended dose to achieve the same effect.

Upon the entrance of allergens to the body, inflammatory substances are released. Most drugs act on just a particular inflammatory substance to provide relief. That’s where the Flonase nasal spray brings the difference.

It covers the full range of 6 inflammatory substances to bring you complete relief. These include the leukotrienes, tryptases, chemokines histamine cytokines and prostaglandins.

Taking the drugs offers relief from the allergy symptoms from both the eyes and the nose. For example, it also helps to alleviate nasal congestion. It works on both adults and children; so long as the child is at least four years old.


  • Protracted relief of 24 hours
  • Has no drowsy effect

It covers a wide range of inflammatory substances.

It relieves you from allergies caused by pet flake skins and pollen.


  • The drug may produce minor side effects on the body including nausea and vomiting
  • It takes time to produce noticeable relief

8. volumes Allergy Medicine (600 Tablets) Antihistamine, Diphenhydramine HCl 25 mg

Most allergens produce common cold-like symptoms in the body.  The body then feels great discomfort in parts like eyes, nose, and throat.  This drug penetrates the body and reaches the core areas where the problems are rooted.

To begin with, it reaches out to the breathing system. The effective antihistamine relieves the victim form constant coughs and runny noses. That results in clear and improved breathing.

When cat dander or even pollen comes into contact with your eyes, they become red, watery and irritate too.  ValueMeds allergy medicine relieves you from those symptoms thus leaving behind the clear vision.

Moreover, it works in both children and adults. It helps to do away with the constant sneezing, the itching nose, and the throat. With the common cold symptoms like gone, you regain your comfort and hence able to concentrate on your usual activities.

In addition to being an anti-allergy for pet dander, it also prevents the allergic reaction from the outdoor environment.  So whether it’s the cat dander or pollen brought by the pet, this drug promises you relief.


  • Fights allergy symptoms due to pets and pollen or molds
  • Relieves allergy symptoms in the throat, eyes, and nose


  • It’s likely to cause drowsiness
  • Not suitable for children below 6 years

How to Cope with Pet Allergies

The best way to minimize cat and pet allergies is to avoid any form of contact with the animal. However, in most cases, that’s too hard to maintain. That is because your kids and neighbors may wish to keep pets.

Moreover, cat’s dandruff-like substances are very sticky thus hard to avoid. That’s why you have to arm yourself with the best cat allergy medicine; ranging from nasal sprays, tablets or even allergy vaccines.

Here are practical tips to get by cat allergies in addition to medication;

  1. Have cat-free zones in your home; identify the places where you spend time often like the bedroom and make them pet-free zones. Teach your cat or dog to keep off such places. If possible invest in hypoallergenic beddings
  2. Invest in HEPA filter; since cat dander is hairy, a HEPA filter will be able to filter them out of the air significantly. Especially the stand-alone models work best
  3. Clean your house often; regular cleaning of your house will significantly reduce pet dander. Particularly washing both you and your cat’s bedding, and washing the walls where the cat rubs often. If you can switch to hard flooring instead of carpets
  4. Scrub your hands and face often; remember the cat’s dander is sticky. Clean your hands plus your face often to remove any unseen allergens.
  5. Allergy shots; for the long-term strategy if you foresee being around pets for a longer period, then go for allergy vaccines. Although it calls for patience, eventually you’ll develop antibodies and thus become non-allergic to pets.

Looking for the Best Cat Allergy Medicine? Here’s What you must Never Overlook!

To land the best allergy medicine there’re important factors to consider before you make your purchase;

  • Know the type of allergy you suffer from

Knowing the allergens that your body reacts to will help you narrow down the best drug to go buy.

Indoor allergens are easy to find in most homes. They include dust, pet dander, and mold. If you suffer from those types of allergens, then it is best to have the easy to carry medicine.

Most people are allergic to pets, with cats topping the list. Although many people believe the cat fur is responsible for their allergy, it’s not the case. The chief cause of cat allergy lies in their dander or saliva. If that’s your case then go for the fast-acting allergy medication.

  • Know the symptoms the allergens produce in your body

Although allergy symptoms are common, the intensity varies with each individual.

Most people complain about nasal blockage. To ease it, nasal sprays work best. On the other hand, at times it could be the dry, irritating or watery eyes that cause you much discomfort.  If that’s so, then eye drops should be your first option.

  • Duration of relief

Before you buy the drugs, know the approximate length of time when you most need the relief.  Allergy drugs vary in the duration of their effectiveness.   Is it at night, during the day or 24 hours s a day?

If your concern is mainly daytime then go for 12 hours of relief medicines.  However, if you are a victim of seasonal allergens in addition to pets, then you have to choose those drugs providing 24 hours of relief.

  • Side effects

Most medicines if not all have side effects. Consequently, the second-generation antihistamines are preferred over the first for they have minimal side effects.

So it is important to dig deep and know a drug’s side effects.  The most common ones include;

  • Making you feel drowsy, thus preventing you from other activities like driving or operating other machines. Most first-generation antihistamine falls under this category.
  • Raising your blood pressure which might be dangerous if you already had that condition or certain diseases. Most nasal decongestants raise blood pressure.
  • Increasing your appetite and thus food intake. Stay away from such drugs if you are on lose weight diet
  • Still, others will deprive you of sleep when you need it most.
  • Compatibility with other drugs

It is possible to develop allergy symptoms while on other medications too. In such a case you should choose the allergy medicine that goes alongside your medicine.

Consider consulting your doctor for the best advice before buying any OTC medicine.

  • Habit-forming ability

The best allergy medicine shouldn’t be addictive. It’s possible to be allergic to a group of allergens like seasonal flowers and cats.

That would mean taking your prescription over a prolonged period. If such medication produces the rebound effect then it isn’t the right choice.

  • Mode of application

First, determine a drug’s style of application that suits you. Some people find it hard to swallow tablets or sticking tubes in their nostrils.

Fortunately, allergy medicines are available in many forms like sprays, tablets or liquids mostly for children.  Nasal sprays produce fast relief especially if you have a runny nose

Final advice

Having identified what produces the allergic reactions in your body, keep off it. Secondly, have the best allergy medicine within your reach to curb the symptoms whenever they show up.

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