Best Portable Coffee Maker Review & Buying Guide 2018

Needless to say, coffee is one of the most important components of a hearty breakfast or any other meal or snack time during the day. Although it is not a very famous drink for most youngsters, it becomes a great cup when blended with creamers, such as milk, chocolate or vanilla.

But it would taste even more interesting when you have it at its freshest and boldest. Thanks to the strong and dependable coffee maker that can do marvels for you and your household.

What Could The Best Coffee Makers Do For You?

It Is Easier To Measure Out Water Content For Your Coffee Mix

If you are looking to make the best ratio suitable for the ideal coffee cup, then you should have a coffee maker. This type of machine would help you easily measure out the correct amount of water for your needs.

It also has some marks intended for measuring the content in your kettle. At the same time, it has a separate reservoir to hold your hot water, which suits well for noodles, oatmeal, and tea.

The coffee maker not only measures the amount of water correctly, but it can also provide the perfect temperature for brewing. Some coffee makers have automatic shut off features if you ever forget to do it yourself after a couple of hours or so.

It Helps To Maximize Your Time

It lets you automatically brew grounds at exactly the right time to bring out the best flavor that you need. Some types would allow you to customize the strength of coffee to suit your desire at any time of the day.

It Offers Convenience

You don’t have to go elsewhere to find the best coffee because it is made for convenience. It combines the process of making coffee into one machine without breaking a sweat in an efficient manner.

Guide To Buying The Best Coffee Maker

It Should Have Versatile Capacity

Standard-sized coffee makers are able to brew at around 8-12 cups per batch. But, they can also provide small batch settings for options that might be lesser than a full pot.

Programming Features

Most coffee makers have the ability to accept automated instructions in order to brew at a particular time of the day. Some are also designed to make a cup of coffee faster than ordinary without the need for programming.

If you are unaccustomed to programmable coffee makers, then you can opt or the basic model into a wall timer. This will be used to stop the current draw to the coffee maker based on the wall timer you have installed.

Other models have push and brew button, which suit you well if you are eager to have a cup of coffee while it is still in the middle of the process. Instead of making a mess, you can do it whenever you like.

Automatic shut-off is also a great feature if you are always in a rush. You just can imagine how dangerous it is to leave your coffee maker turned on when you are off for work without this feature, right?

Water Filters

Filtering the water is important when choosing a coffee maker. This is because the coffee you make is composed mostly of water.

The purity of the water would determine the quality of the cup, as it alters the impurities in the drinking water. Part of this selection is choosing the type of coffee filter.

You can choose coffee filters that are disposable, but it would allow the cost to add up when you use another one every time you need another batch of coffee.

As an added reason, disposable filters can be flimsy and can cause the coffee grind to leak into the coffee. Additionally, it tends to stop the coffee bean oil from passing through.

There are a lot of coffee makers that possess carbon water filters, which enable the reduction of chlorine or other substances in your tap water. You should know that the taste of water will improve when it is filtered.

Added Information

Take note that there are 2 varieties of coffee maker, which include the thermal and the hot plate. Thermal coffee makers would brew directly into an insulated carafe instead of a glass carafe, which sits on the hot plate for over an hour.

On the other hand, insulated carafes are made to keep the coffee within its brewing temperature for about an hour or even more. This will eliminate the need to have a warming plate and continual cooking due to the heating elements.

Moreover, thermal coffee pots reportedly produce slightly better flavor. However, glass carafe coffee makers would be less expensive with better user reviews in terms of quality, durability, and value.

You also need to mind the size of the coffee maker you are going to buy, as they might require more space. Surely, you would need more clearance space, particularly when the product you are going to buy has a reservoir on top.

For some people, it would be enough to get a manual coffee maker because they wouldn’t mind they spend to make a perfect cup. In fact, many users say that such manual coffee makers have press gadgets to allow more control in extracting the most out of the ground coffee beans.

Things To Ponder

Getting a new coffee maker could be a huge decision to make. It would even feel like the happiness of the entire home depends on the balance.

Here are things that you might want to consider if you are yet to make a decision.

  • Long-Term CostThe purchase of a coffee maker is not only a one-time expense. this is particularly true if you might consider the single-serving machine, which requires you to buy additional pods and capsules costing from $5-$7 per package.You might still be buying new filters and coffee beans or grounds when you buy a drip machine, not to mention a bean grinder. Thus, it is important to weigh the options and think of what’s better for your budget.
  • Brewing TemperatureTake note of the ideal brewing temperature of the coffee maker, which starts from 196 ̊F to 205 ̊F in order to achieve really good-tasting coffee. This means that you should only buy a machine to do the job at high heat.High-end machines even list the brewing temperatures on the packaging. So, if the said information is missing, it might be the right time to say no.
  • Note How Much You DrinkIf you only need a cup of coffee a day, then you might deserve a single-serving machine. But, if you need it to last the whole day with extra energy, try to find one that can contain up to 12 cups.
  • Special FeatureIf you barely get your feet on the ground without sipping a cup of coffee, then an automatic-start machine can be used. You can set it up the night before or you can opt for a version that shuts off automatically.
  • Easily Accessible and CleanOther coffee makers have flip open lids to allow the user to add coffee, but sometimes it is not suitable for the area you have prepared.Ensure that the pieces should not only fit in your kitchen, but it should also fit your lifestyle. Thus, you have to purchase a carafe that you can easily wash or one that can easily fit into the dishwasher.

Best Portable Coffee Maker Options

1. Barsetto Portable Espresso Coffee Machine Tripresso Hand Press Mini Coffee Maker

This product has a perfect 2-in-1 extraction system, allowing you to drink your favorite coffee anytime and anyplace. You can rest assured that this product is compatible with the Barsetto capsules, tea, ground coffee, and tea.

Its lightweight design has made this manual espresso machine weigh just around 530g with a maximum diameter of 7cm. In terms of usage, it only requires 80ml of water at 90 ̊C temperature with 7g of coffee powder.

You can use the plunger to get a great cup of coffee or tea. No need to worry wherever you are going because you can always have a tasty coffee with you.

It would also take around 5 minutes to get a bottle of hot coffee. Likewise, it is so easy to remove and clean the plunger by just rinsing the parts under running water and then dry and assemble them.

At the same time, it doesn’t need to operate on battery because it is a manual coffee maker. Good thing is that you can help protect the earth with this non-electric espresso maker, approved by the U.S. FDA.

2. Mini Espresso Pump by MiPress

You can get this bundle to get a rich-flavored espresso shot with crema. All you need are ground coffee, hot water, and hand pressure to do the trick.

It is a manual coffee machine, but it is a compact, new design that lets you operate without the need for electricity or battery. You also have filter brush and carry bag to help you make your espresso anytime, anywhere.

This manual coffee machine is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, and even you are at home or at the office. You don’t even have to be an expert at making espressos because this bundle can bring the best out of you.

3. NH-Kitchen Mini Espresso Maker

Now you can enjoy espresso anywhere with the NH-Kitchen mini espresso maker. Just pump out the espresso without using any chargers, batteries, and electricity.

You can manually produce a ready-to-drink espresso in just a short amount of time. This product also comes with a bonus, which includes a container and a carrying bag inside the gift box.

The portable design of this product makes it easy to use in just three steps. The first thing that you are going to do is to add ground coffee and hot water into the chamber, before pushing the pressure pump to operate it.

Being a portable device, you don’t need a battery or electricity to operate it. Therefore, you can do it manually to operate, and most of all, it is environmentally friendly.

It should be perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, or traveling by plane. This is because you can just put it in the backpack, luggage or tote.

This product is also a great give option for those who like coffee so much. This time, they can produce their own supply of espresso in an instant.

It also provides highest quality products with the best customer experience possible. If ever you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you can contact customer service for a possible complaint.

4. Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Seal & Silicone Handle

Here are important features that you can get from the patented deluxe cold brew iced coffee maker from Takeya.

  • New and improved water filter with reliable fine mesh
  • This new design can make around 4 services of coffee or just about a quart
  • It has a dynamic feature to seal in the flavor and freshness of coffee with its airtight and leak-proof design with lid locks
  • It also has a non-slip silicone handle
  • This would surely fit most fridge doors
  • You can just throw this in a dishwasher and have it cleaned if don’t have the time to do it yourself.
  • Most of all, it is a product of the U.S.A., which is definitely a quality purchase.

5. Reveille Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 1300ml (5+Cups) Premium Borosilicate Glass Container with Easy to Use Filtration System and Unique Lid Design to Keep Cold Brew Coffee Fresh

The good thing about this product from Reveille is that it can almost fit every fridge door. This ensures that you can enjoy a great coffee cup at any time.

Due to a cylindrical shape, it will be easier to store it even without taking up a lot of space overall. With its unique product design, you can keep the dust out and retain the aromatic flavors into the container.

Most of all, it is quite easy to clean with its lid, glass detach, and fine mesh filter. You only have to put it inside the dishwasher and all you need to do is to wait when the machine has done cleaning your portable coffee maker.

Moreover, the cold brew coffee has been proven to be less acidic, which means that it should be good to its last drop. It also provides robust flavor in a sweet batch to give you a headstart when you are in for a busy day.

6. Behmor Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is different because it has the ability to control the temperature of your coffee. It can even work with a remote operation using a phone app.

This makes it easier for you to control the pre-soak time, brewing temperature, and altitude in order to achieve precision brewing. It has a pulsed water flow design that ensures all grounds are saturated fully.

There is a pre-soak function for this device, which requires adding water to the grounds before the brewing process. This allows the coffee to fully bloom before you are going to brew.

You can also create your own brewing profile and save it to favorites. You may also use the library of your apps from your iOS 7 device or newer and Android 4.0 or newer.

7. STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker

This espresso coffee maker from Staresso has been awarded the Red Dot recognition in 2016. It is a compact, fast, and simple to use, which is designed for coffee lovers with busy lifestyles.

This device is a handheld coffee maker that enables you to prepare amazing espresso anytime, anywhere. The Staresso uses good pressure in order to brew hot water via ground coffee in a flash.

It can also provide less acidity or bitterness, enabling more flavor to come out. It only takes several minutes to make a cup of cold brew coffee at your own convenience.

When it comes to cleaning, you can rely on the Staresso espresso coffee maker. This is because it doesn’t require special maintenance in order to clean the coffee maker.

8. Black + Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker

It is always worth the investment to get a portable coffee maker that would suit your needs. This single-serve coffee maker can brew directly into the travel coffee mug.

It can also save enough space in your kitchen, apartment, or dorm rooms because of its compact design.

It also has a travel mug that would fit perfectly in most car cup holders and safe for dishwashing machines.

This product also comes with permanent grounds filter, which eliminates the need to buy paper filters every time. Its mesh metal filter would work with soft pods or grounds, which means easier to clean and rinse.

The device also provides automatic shutoff feature that would turn off the device immediately after the brewing process. This would give you peace of mind as you leave for work or just to run a quick errand.

Black+Decker also designed its coffee maker to produce the right amount of water temperature for brewing. Likewise, this will enable to acquire the ideal flavor to suit your liking.

9. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

This coffee maker from AdirChef Grab N’ Go is a personal coffee maker that comes with a 15-oz travel mug. It also equipped with a permanent filter to help you eliminate waste and eventually save money.

For this reason, it can help you eliminate the use of paper filters, as you no longer require spending money in buying them. You won’t even need to fill up your garbage bin when disposing of them after use.

It has a universal design that has been made just right to fit the most common cup holders or drinking vessels. This is very useful for those who want to take a hot cup of coffee upon going to work, running errands, or dropping your children off at school.

Moreover, it can last for years with its durable construction. The manufacturer has used high-quality and durable plastic to give you more years of an enjoyable cup of coffee.

It is also small and lightweight, perfectly sized to fit tight counter spaces or small cubicles within your workplace. You can even transport it so easily from one location to another.

The personal coffee maker also comes with a travel mug, internal filter, lid, and holding basket. Just set it up by plugging it in and start brewing your personal cup at any time you think is necessary.

You only need to set up the device, plug it in, and start the brewing process. Moreover, you can easily clean it as all components are dishwasher safe.

10. OXX Coffeeboxx Jobsite Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a durable coffee maker without compromising the quality, then this device from OXX will suit your needs. It is ultra-tough, able to tackle the toughest job sites.

Its chassis is also ultra-tough that would easily take on the toughest job sites. Tools and gears can be stored due to its crush-proof chassis.

With its impact resistant design, it requires 120V of power so that you can start operating the devices. Most of all, it is water and dust resistant designed for outdoor use.

Take a peek at its super-sized water tank, with around 85oz capacity. It also has an innovative spill-proof design.

If you are concerned how to clean it after use, then you need not worry. This is because you can remove the tank for easy filling and integrated carrying handle.

The sealed caps should allow you to prevent the water from spillage when transporting this portable coffee maker. It also has an integrated carbon water filter to keep the flavor as smooth as possible.

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