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Top 6 Best Portable Humidifiers for Travel

A moisturized atmosphere is more comfortable and accommodative than hot and dry air. Since you can’t avoid traveling (to work, office, or leisure tours) you need the best portable humidifier for travel.

When condition forces you to leave the comfort of your house, a mini humidifier becomes the best companion. It transforms an otherwise dry hotel or office to be friendly. Your skin, lips, and nose will be grateful.

Depending on your lifestyle, here are some mini humidifiers to make your traveling more enjoyable.

Top 6 Portable Humidifiers for Travel With Reviews

1. MOVTIP Portable Mini Humidifier, 500ml Small Cool Mist Humidifier, USB Personal Desktop Humidifier for Baby Bedroom Travel Office Home

Whether you want it in the baby’s bedroom, office, or sitting room, the MOVTIP portable mini humidifier doesn’t disappoint. At 9.6 ounces, it’s light and compact enough to fit in the suitcase or backpack without adding significant weight.

Yet despite its portable nature, it guarantees you a moisturized air all through the night. When you set it to emit mist continuously, it does so for 12 straight hours. However, if you need more hours, then change to the intermittent mode and reap 18 hours.

Depending on the setting you engage, the equipment gives out 30 to 50ml every hour. Considering that its water tank is 500ml in volume, you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to refill the tank.

Once you have filled the container with water, its reliable seat keeps the liquid from leaking out. When the water level goes very low, the device automatically switches off. The MOVTIP portable mini humidifier runs from a 5V, 2watts power supply. That makes it compatible with the standard UISB chargers and sockets.

You don’t have to be technically endowed to learn how to use it. That’s because it only has a single button that controls different functions. A LED light, on the other hand, glows when it’s functioning. But if it bothers you, then you can also switch it off.


  • Runs silently
  • It can last a whole night
  • lightweight at 9.6lbs
  • automatically switches off when the water level goes below the optimum level
  • available in 4 different colors
  • complete with USB charging cable


  • Has a cotton filter that needs replacement overtime

2. MADETEC Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Portable Mini USB Air Humidifier for Car Travel Office Baby Bedroom Home with 7 Colors Night Light

Unlike most humidifiers that don’t have an inbuilt tank, the MADETEC Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is complete. You don’t have to hunt for a water bottle that’s compatible with it. Its stylish cylindrical shape that measures 2.7 x 5.5inches has a maximum capacity of 230ml.

Its slim handle-free figure and lightweight of 7ounces allows it to fit even in small bags. The humidifier runs from a standard USB power and consumes about 2watts. That means you can easily use it in your car, office, or at home.

Despite its seemingly small water capacity, it can run for 10hours in intermittent mode with 3 seconds delay. But if you set it to the continuous spray mode, it promises you 5 hours. And when the water level falls to an insufficient level, the unit automatically shuts off.

Considering its spray capacity of 35ml/h and water tank volume of 230ml, MADETEC is a humidifier that fits small rooms. Its circular base gives it high stability.


  • simple to control from one button
  • very light at 7ounces
  • when water is insufficiently low, it switches off
  • dual spay mode
  • available in seven different nightlights


  • limited mist adjustment ability

3. FIGROL Portable Mini Humidifier, Cool Mist Humidifier Travel Air Humidifier for Travel Office Hotel Household

Talk about an ultra-portable humidifier and FIGROL delivers it. With its thin stick-like protrusion, it’s compatible with different water containers. Furthermore, it features an adjustable length, hence combines with a mineral water bottle, glass, or mug. While most humidifiers need an adaptor to connect to other bottles, FIGROL’s design needs no such connectors.

So silent it is that you can place it by your bedside and you hardly hear it running. Besides, once switched on, the LED light goes off after 5 seconds, thus eliminating any visual distraction. As a safety precaution, the humidifier automatically shuts off after 8 hours.

Since you won’t need to carry any bottle, the FIGROL humidifier fits even in tight places in your suitcase. You can even use it in the car cup holder.


  • Runs silently
  • Nightlight automatically turns off after a few seconds
  • Combines with different water containers without using any connector
  • Uses readily available standard USB charger and cable


  • Single-mode only

4. Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier, USB or Battery Operated Portable Travel Humidifying Device for use with Water Bottles

Not everyone is comfortable with corded personal humidifiers. Therefore Fancii Cool Mist offers you two dual power modes. You can power it with three AA dry cells and enjoy cord-free use. On the other hand, when the battery goes down, then you can connect it to a USB power outlet.

Using PureMist Ultrasonic technology, the device operates at a sound level below 15 decibels. Accordingly, when you set it up beside your bed, you’ll barely hear its sound.

At the same time, it has a timer so you can set it to go off after 2, 4, or 6 hours. However, for safety reasons, it automatically powers off after 8 hours or when the water dries out from the tank.

The portable humidifier is compatible with most 16-20oz water cans such as Smartwater bottle with the help of the provided connector. From such a 16ounce bottle, it runs for about 8 hours and uses three-quarters of its capacity.


  • Works with either USB power input or dry cells
  • Has adjustable timer
  • Works with different water bottle containers
  • Runs whisper quiet, sound level of 15db
  • Lightweight at 3.6ounce
  • two extra filters provided


  • When shut off, you have to remove the water bottle to prevent leaking

5. BONECO – Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier U7146

For medium-sized rooms, you need a portable humidifier with considerable output like the BONECO U7146. Every 24 hours, it gives out mists that amount to a gallon. Even though the package doesn’t provide for a water tank, the unit easily combines with 17oz bottles via an adaptor.

In contrast to most humidifiers with fixed output, the BONECO U7146 features a variable humidity output. Thus you can decide how much moisture to release in the air depending on how dry the air is.

When you set it to full speed, it uses a 16oz bottle in six hours. And once the tank runs dry, the LED light changes from blue to red, and the humidifier switches off too. Regardless of where you live, its AC/DC adapter fits you. That’s because it adapts to different wall voltages thus possess worldwide universality.

For you to realize its full potential, set it up at 3feet above the floor while facing an open space. Its 1.6lbs weight, compact size, and the provided bag make it convenient to carry from the home to the office or on the move.


  • High capacity of a gallon per 24 hours
  • AC/DC adapter changeable to fit worldwide use
  • Simple to set up
  • Automatically turns off when water runs out
  • Complete with a cleaning brush


  • Blue nightlight is very bright and doesn’t go off

6. EconoLED Car Humidifier, Mini Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser Air Freshener Purifier Aromatherapy Mist Maker with 180 Degree Rotation

The econoLED functions as a mini humidifier and doubles as an aroma diffuser too for your car. You can easily power it from the 12 volts dc socket, and it consumes 150mA only.

When the air in the car heats and becomes extremely dry, the econoLED sprays out 25ml/h and accordingly moisturizes the car’s interior to a comfortable level. And when you add one or two drops of a soluble essential oil to its water tank, it perfumes the atmosphere with a sweet scent.

Once you have plugged it into the 12 volts dc socket, you can rotate it over 180 degrees to face away from the car stereo. After which its 50ml water tank carries enough liquid to let it run for about 2 hours. So during the 2-hour ride, you won’t worry about dry lips or skin.

Considering that its overall weight is 4.2 ounces and needs no extra adaptor, its’ very portable, and occupies almost negligible space in your car. And when not in use, unplug it from power and empty the container.


  • Extremely light and portable
  • Doubles as an aroma diffuser
  • Turns off automatically after 2 hours
  • Has both the continuous and intermittent spray mode
  • Easy to replace the filter


  • Small water tank capacity of 50ml

How to Choose Good Portable Humidifier for Travel

Securing the best portable humidifier for travel is only possible if you consider the following vital factors.

What’s your Convenient Power Source?

Humidifiers require electrical energy to run. Thus most models use USB input, dry cells, inbuilt batteries, and ac/dc adapter. Depending on where you reside or frequent most, you should, therefore, consider a humidifier that uses a power source you can readily get.

Do you Need an Inbuilt or External water Tank?

A humidifier with an inbuilt tank is ready to use but bulky; all you have to do is fill the reservoir with water. On the other hand, those that use commonly available bottles are lightweight. However, you still have to hunt for a convenient water tank. So, know what suits your need plus the approximate tank capacity.

How Long Do You Require the Humidifier to Run?

Determine the approximate hours you would wish the humidifier to run. That may depend on how hot and dry your atmosphere is. Remember, each unit has a preset amount of time it operates, after which it shuts down. So settle on the model whose preset timing either exceeds or coincides with your demand. However, other models like the Fancii Cool Mist features adjustable timers.

Do You Need a Fixed or Variable Humidify Output?

Humidifiers can have either fixed or variable output. A changeable output, allows you to match the amount of moisture it releases with your room size. But if you decide to settle on a fixed setting, confirm that the amount of humidity it releases fits your room or car interior.

How Portable Do You Want it To Be?

Although all the humidifiers featured in the post are portable, still they differ in compactness and weight. For example, some models are very light and have no inbuilt tank. Instead, they blend with most containers like mugs and glasses hence making them ultra-portable. A good example is FIGROL cool mist humidifier.

Do You Easily Get Distracted in Your Sleep?

If you are a light sleeper, then the degree of noise produced by a humidifier is crucial. Although most advertisers claim their humidifiers run silently, dig into reviews from past users to confirm your fears.

At the same time, bright LED indicators easily distract some individuals. For convenience, then settle for equipment that allows you to switch off such lights.

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Humidifier?

It is the equipment that pumps mist into the air and thus increases its humidity. Humidifiers mostly find use in dry rooms and car interiors.

How Do You Care for Humidifiers?

Daily empty the tank, clean it with soap and scrub it with a brush. Once in awhile, use hydrogen peroxide during cleaning routines to remove build-up stains. Then thoroughly rinse before the next use. Store it when it’s 100 percent dry. But if there are stubborn molds that can’t come out, then buy a new humidifier.

Do Humidifiers Have any Potential Health Risks?

When you use it correctly and maintain the humidity of your room below a safe level of 50percent, it has no health risks. At the same time, follow your manufacturer’s instructions on the type of water to use and other safety precautions.


Remember, you can only limit but not cut off the urge to travel around. Therefore you need the best portable humidifier for travel in your life. When you reach a destination that seems harsh, hot, and dry, you can rest assured that the mini humidifier is there for you.

Besides, even while cruising through the desert-like climate, your car interior will always possess the right humidity. So have you picked your choice?

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