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Nothing beats the experience of relaxing in the outdoors, but at the end of the day, a shelter is a primary need. A good tent is a must-have for any camping trip, road trip, or even some alone time in your backyard. Portable pop-up tents are especially super easy to set up without any complications.

Whether you need one as your kids’ playhouse, or for a sunny day at the beach, our list of the best portable pop-up tents will surely have one that fits your needs!

Our Top Picks

CORE Instant Cabin Tent14’ x 9’ x 6.5’6 People or Less / 2 AirbedsAdvanced Venting, Removable Rainfly, Heat-Sealed Seams, Instant Setup with Telescoping Poles, Water-Resistant, Detachable Room Divider
Abco Tech Pop-Up Tent88.6 x 47.2 x 37.4 inches1 to 2 PeopleDoors on Both Sides, Mesh Windows with Nylon Flaps, Protective UV Sunlight Shelter
ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent95 x 71 x 39 inches4 People190T PU-Coated Silver Anti-UV Fabric, 2 Mesh Doors. 2 Mesh Windows, 1 Mesh Sky Window, Water-Resistant PE Floor, Fiberglass Frame
G4Free Pop-Up Tent71 x 95 x 39
3 to 4 PeopleEasy-to-Clean Tarp Bottom, 2 Doors, 2 Windows, 1 Top Opening, Dutch D-Style Door, Welded Polyethylene Floor, Fiberglass Frame
Wenzel Alpine Tent2 People3-Pole Pentadome Tent, Fiberglass Frame, In-Built Mud Mat with Drainage Strip, 2 Mesh Windows, 1 D-Door
Lightspeed Outdoor Kids Fort Pop-Up Play Tent48 x 48 x 38 inches4 to 5 Children (Recommended Age 3 to 10 Years)Tunnel Entrance, Integrated Top-Pull Hub, UPF 50+ Protection, Lightweight, Polyester, Waterproof PE Floor
Night Cat Camping Tent 2 to 3 People or 1 Queen Size MattressHydraulic Pressure Mechanism Setup, Removable Overhead Rain Fly, 2 Doors with Dual Sided Zippers, Mesh Lining on Window, Strong Fiber Glass Poles

CORE Instant Cabin Tent

This generously-sized tent by CORE with it’s 14’ x 9’ dimensions is a great option if you’d like multiple people to fit into your tent.

Having space for two queen mattresses, the tent can accommodate 6 people without luggage. Unpack the tent and extend its pre-attached telescopic poles to watch it pop up in just a minute to its full height!

With multiple rain-resistant features, this is a suitable choice especially if you’re camping somewhere you expect to pour. With its advanced venting system, the tent is designed to keep you cool all season.

The CORE tent’s zippered closable electrical cord access port, wall pockets for storage, 78-inch maximum height, privacy panels on windows, and detachable room divider make it versatile enough for practical use in all your camping trips.


  • High, roomy tent
  • Easy to set up


  • Not suitable for cold weather since it doesn’t retain heat

Abco Tech Pop-up Tent Automatic Instant Portable Cabana Beach Tent

This one is a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable, casual beach tent for a single adult or two to three children. Though the Abco Tech Pop-Up Tent is not tough, professional camping gear, it’s the perfect fix as your own personal cabana in mild weather.

It’s an instant pop-up shelter on any road trip when you need to stretch your legs and have a break in the outdoors. Designed with features for privacy, the back and front doors have mesh windows for ventilation covered with nylon flaps.

With a large majority of positive reviews, it’s definitely something you’d want to try out for a casual, private day out.


  • Reasonable price
  • Good beach/backyard tent for mild weather conditions
  • Easy, instant setup
  • Good for children to play in
  • Shelters from sunlight and bugs


  • Not rainproof
  • Difficult to fold back up
  • May only fit one small adult, or two sitting adults, or three small children
  • May rip or tear easily

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 4 Person, Beach Tent Sun Shelter for Baby with UV Protection – Automatic and Instant Setup Tent for Family

ZomakeBeing one of the best portable pop-up tents, this ZOMAKE tent with its carrying weight of only 5 pounds is a great buy if you’re going for a casual day in the outdoors.

It can also work great as a kids’ playhouse or on camping trips or at the beach in mild weather. It can accommodate around 3 to 4 people or a single queen-sized mattress.

With UV-protective material, the tent has durable round fiberglass poles that make it pop up in a jiffy! Hogan Hook stakes fix it to the ground in windy weather.

Though not meant for heavy rain or harsh cold, it can be a pleasant shelter on a sunny day out. The tent has 2 side mesh windows and a top one too, to keep out insects and mosquitoes while promoting ventilation.

Take it out of its carry bag, unstrap, throw it in the air, and watch as it automatically pops up into a cabin you’ll love!


  • Easy to set up
  • Good for shelter and camping trips in warm, dry weather


  • Not waterproof

G4Free Pop Up Tent Automatic and Instant Setup

Are you a trio looking for the perfect sun shelter for a day at the beach? The G4Free Pop Up Tent is meant for exactly that, and so much more.

The tent can fit 2 to 3 adults, or 3 to 5 kids, depending on their size. A queen size mattress can also fit in. There are 2 Dutch D-style doors, 2 windows, and a silver anti-UV coating for optimum sun shelter. Mesh coverings help keep insects at bay.

A top opening which can be sealed as per your wish allows you a clear view of the sky.

Unpack it from its convenient carry bag, fling it on the ground, and watch it unfold to its maximum form. Secure it to the ground with the help of the stakes and cords included in the packaging.


  • Instant, easy setup
  • Sturdy against winds once secured with stakes
  • Waterproof material


  • Not good for cold or rainy weather

Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent

Going on a camping trip with a friend or two? The Wenzel Alpine Tent can be a great shelter.

Although marketed as a 3-person tent, customer reviews suggest otherwise. However, it’s great for two people with light luggage.

With a shock-corded fiberglass frame, the Wenzel is easy to set up. It pops up in place, whereupon it just needs to be secured to the ground.

One great thing about this tent is the relatively rain-proof material. Some have had problems with rain leaking through the seams, but overall it seems promising.


  • Good value for money
  • Compact when folded


  • Problems setting up the third pole

Lightspeed Outdoors Kids Fort Pop-Up Play Tent with Tunnel Entrance

This one is clearly the winner if you’re looking for a children’s tent. Roomy enough to fit 4 to 5 kids at once, the Lightspeed Outdoors Pop-Up Fort is recommended for ages 3 to 10.

With its tunnel entrance and bright colors, the product has lots of attractive features. The built-in pole and hub system ensure instant, easy opening so that the tent pops up as soon as you pull the cord while pushing the hub down simultaneously. It’s kind of like an upside-down umbrella!

The tent has a large round port opening which can be connected to standard-sized tunnels to make backyard playtime even more fun. Hook and loop tabs close a wide front door and port flap. UPF 50+ protection provides optimum shelter in the sun, while breathable polyester material along with a waterproof PE floor makes it easy to wipe clean.

Stakes are present for added stability, as is a carry bag for further convenience. All in all, the go-to option if you’re on the lookout for one of the best portable pop-up tents for kids.


  • Simple, umbrella-style setup
  • Good quality material


  • The small size makes it only suitable for 2-3 children
  • The door doesn’t zip closed, it’s a flap instead.

Night Cat Camping Tent

One of the best portable pop-up tents, the Night Cat Camping Tent is quite underrated, to be honest.

Firstly, it’s hydraulic setup mechanism is quite convenient, making it usable in under a minute. Just take out the tent, spread the four corners, lift it from the center, and voila! Fix your setup with pegs and ropes to secure. It’s even easy to take down – 2 minutes max.

For two adults, the tent is quite roomy and could accommodate even an average-sized third person, or two small children. Alternately, a queen size airbed can fit inside the tent.

The tough fabric of the tent makes it high quality and long lasting enough to withstand the test of time. As a bonus, it’s also drizzle proof, though not recommended for medium or heavy rain.

A removable rainfly can provide further protection from drizzle or a separate additional canopy. Dual-sided doors ensure proper ventilation, having zippers both inside and outside.

With its plethora of positive customer reviews, the Night Cat Camping Tent could be just the thing you were looking for!


  • Smooth zippers on doors that make the tent convenient to enter and leave
  • When used with the included cords and staked, the tent is secure enough to stay sturdy against rough, windy weather
  • Instant setup
  • Can withstand a drizzle without getting soaked
  • Easy to collapse
  • Good value for money


  • Can’t stand medium or heavy rain without leaking
  • At 8 pounds, this one may be a bit heavier than other pop-up tents of its kind

Buying a Portable Pop-Up Tent? Here’s What to Look For

A portable pop-up tent is something you’ll be LIVING in, no matter for just a few hours. You need to make sure if it’s actually fit for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying one:


Some tents are just not big enough to accommodate taller people about 6 feet. If you’re on the taller side, you might want to check this one out.

If you want a tent just for sitting or lying down, one with a smaller height will do, of course. However, if actually need to walk around inside, you’re better off in one with a higher canopy.

Dimensions can also give an idea whether an air mattress can fit inside a tent or not.


First, decide how many people you want your tent to accommodate. To be sure, check the customer reviews and feedback to confirm whether a tent does actually accommodate the number of people it claims to.

It’s always better to buy a roomier one than being short of space later.

Carrying Weight

For a pop-up tend to have ideal portability, it needs to weigh less. Check the carrying weight to make sure it won’t cause trouble during your trip.


Most ‘beach tents’ are just meant to provide shade from the sun. They can’t protect from rain. If you frequently camp out in rainy weather, it’s better to go with a proper waterproof tent.

Mesh windows can keep bugs out as they ventilate. Flaps over windows allow privacy. Storage pockets can be great for organizing your belongings.

Top windows can let you view the stars from the privacy of your own tent. Notice whether your choice of a tent has such features.

Most pop-up tents can be difficult to repack in their original form. To overcome this, take help from a youtube video and learn the proper method.

Customer Feedback

This can tell you about the shortcomings and pros of a product. Oftentimes, a product doesn’t turn out as described by the manufacturer.

Someone with hands-on experience with the product can give you a helpful tip on whether it is worth your money or not!

Happy Camping!

We hope one of the products from our list of the best portable pop-up tents will help you be a happy camper. Relish the outdoors, for, in this screen-obsessed world, very few have the good sense to still go out and enjoy nature!


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