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Best Tire Pressure Gauge Made in the USA

It’s critical to inflate your car tires to the manufacturer’s recommended level. And so you need to try the best tire pressure gauge made in the USA. You can count on them for accuracy, reliability, and durability.

Don’t just pick any gauge you come across. Many pressure gauges from unknown and unreliable countries have flooded the market.

Inflating the tires to proper pressure lengthens their lifespan and boosts the vehicle’s safety. Here are such tires USA-made tire pressure gauges to consider.

Best Tire Pressure Gauge Made in the USA

Milton S-925 Pencil Tire Gauge

Talk of a portable tire pressure gauge, and the Milton S-925 makes a viable choice. It weighs 0.1lbs but has a rugged design. That’s due to the sturdy plated brass material.

The pencil tire gauge measures air pressure from 20 to 120PSI and features a 2lbs increment. Besides, you can read its measurement in either kPa or psi. Considering its range, it fits trucks, RVs, and bicycle tires.

Besides a single head chuck, it also has a deflator valve. The instrument has a side indicator bar, and you can read the measurement from different angles.

What We Like About It:

  • The dual scale of PSI and kilopascal
  • Sturdy design that promises to last long
  • You can read it from all four sides
  • Very portable
  • Side metal pocket clip

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • You have to hold it on the tire stem continuously to take the correct pressure reading

Intercomp (360067 2.5″ 0-60 PSI Liquid Filled Deluxe Air Pressure Gauge

The Intercomp 360067counts among the best tire pressure gauges made in the USA. Its 0.9lbs weight and hose length of 17 inches makes it convenient to use.

Besides, it incorporates a liquid-filled face. So it promises better damping and accurate measurement.

The tire pressure gauge can measure up to a maximum of 60PS1. Hence it should fit most cars, bicycles, and motorcycles. In the case of overinflated tires, its thumb-operated bleeder button comes to your rescue.

What We Liked About It:

  • Long hose gives easy reach to the tire valve
  • Improved damping and accuracy
  • Easy to read 2.5-inch screen
  • Clear and easy to read graduation marks

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Slightly slower ( because it’s liquid-filled)

Joes Racing 32307 (0-60) PSI Tire Pressure Gauge

When talking about the best tire pressure gauges made in the USA, Joes Racing 32307 counts in the list. It features a broad measurement range of 0 to 60PSI.

It weighs only 0.3lbs and offers a generous 17-inch flexible hose. Moreover, it comes complete with two types of chucks; angled and ball-type chuck.

It’s thus convenient to use even in tight clearance. Furthermore, its thread allows for quick changing of the chuck in seconds.

The sturdy equipment has an internal gauge damper. Fitting the chuck on the tire valve is trouble-free due to the swivel fit technology.

What We Like About It:

  • Solid construction
  • Dual type of chucks that fits even tight spots
  • Quick response
  • Easy to read 2.5-inch face that glows in the dark
  • Convenient air pressure release button

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Doesn’t hold pressure thus works on the continuous pressure reading principle

Auto Meter 2160 Tire Pressure Gauge

Its stainless steel body, shockproof housing, and weight of 1.3lbs display its quality. Further, it has a body that’s easy to grip.

The analog Auto meter gauge employs a 2.25 dial face. For that reason, you can easily make out its reading.

At the same time, it employs a 13.75 stainless steel braided line. Therefore the hose feels sturdy and flexible.

Also, the equipment has a measurement range of 0 to 60PSI. When you need to deflate the tire slightly, it has an easy-to-push bleeding button. It’s vital to note that the pressure gauge has been engineered in the USA but manufactured in Taiwan.

What We Like About It:

  • Has push button for bleeding off-air
  • Sturdy and flexible hose
  • Shockproof housing

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Does not hold the pressure reading

Milton 502 Heavy-Duty Analog Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

The Milton 502 is one of the reliable tire pressure gauges made in the USA. Its weight of 0.1lbs makes it very portable.

Also, its design uses steel alloy and thus withstands demanding use. The instrument supports a range of 10 to 60PSI. And so it should fit most cars and bikes.

Its package offers you a 3-foot hose and an attached Kwik grip. Besides, it has a chuck head that swivels over an angle of 360 degrees. So when you combine the generous hose length to the swiveling chuck head, you’ll appreciate its suitability.

What We Like About It:

  • A chuck head swivels over 360 degrees and hence making it easy to fix
  • Generous 3-foot hose length
  • Simple to read magnifying window

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • The Kwik grip is incompatible with some tire valve
  • No deflator nub or valve

Intercomp Tire Pressure Gauge, 0-99 psi, Digital, 1/10 lb Increments, Case Included, Each (360045)

Talk of one of the reliable USA-based tire pressure gauge brands, and Intercomp stands out. Its rugged design and the 4lbs weight speaks of its quality.

The digital instrument supports a wide pressure measurement range of 0 to 99.99 PSI. Further, it features an increment of 0.01PSI and is therefore very accurate. Its 0.5-inch digital display gives large values and glows at night.

Unlike many other pressure gauges, the Intercomp 360045 provides a generous 22 inches hose. So it won’t strain your hands to take the pressure reading of the tires.

Besides the long hose, it has a 45-degree swivel chuck. And in case of excess pressure on the tires, you can reset the pressure to a safe value using the thumb-operated bleed-off button.

When checking the pressure of the tires, it retains the top reading. And at the press of a button, it resets to zero.

What We Like About It:

  • Easy to read digital screen
  • Generous hose length of 22inches
  • Readable even in the dark
  • Sturdy and durable

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • High price tag

Longacre 50417 0-60 PSI Analog Tire Pressure Gauge

The Longacre 50417 has been assembled and tested in the USA, though some parts of the equipment have been imported. The mechanical air pressure gauge supports a broad range of 0 to 60PSI and 1PSI increment.

For that reason, it’s suitable for cars, bikes, and motorcycles. Its sturdy design has a shock-resistant rubber bumper all-round the face.

During the night, its 2-inch face glows and boosts visibility. Combined with the large dial numbers on the screen, you can read it without any trouble.

The instrument has a ball and an angled chuck. Also, it weighs 0.75lbs and uses a 14-inch flexible hose. And from that combination, the equipment can fit a tire valve from all angles.

What We Like About It:

  • It has a built-in valve deflator
  • Chuck swivels at 360 degrees
  • A high degree of accuracy
  • Simple to attach the chuck

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • You have to hold it on the valve when reading pressure. But the generous hose makes the exercise convenient.

JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge – 60 PSI

The Jaco ElitePro presents an error of +/- 1.5% and can measure up to 60PSI. By design, it combines solid brass and shock-resistant rubberized protective guard.

The instrument connects to the tire valve via a 10 inch flexible and leak-proof hose. And so it should last you a long time. The JACO Elite Pro has been designed in the USA and assembled in China.

You can fix the pressure gauge on a tire valve without any trouble since it has 360 degrees swiveling chuck head. When in dim light, the 2-inch glow face proves helpful. Once you take the measurement, it continues to display the reading till you reset it.

What We Like About It:

  • Backed up by lifetime warranty
  • Built-in air bleeder valve
  • Easy to read display

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • A larger face diameter could have been better

DIYCO D1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (RED)

The DIYCO D1 is one of the reliable digital tire pressure gauges designed in the USA but assembled in China. It supports a broad range of 5 to 150PSI with a certified accuracy of +/- 0.1 PSI at 32PSI.

In contrast to many brands, the DIYCO D1 offers a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, it features brass metal parts and a 14.5-inch long hose.

It has a 1.5inch LCD screen to display visible values. At the same time, it has one connex. And thus, you can change the chuck quickly with your fingers. Also, the chuck rotates over 360 degrees and provides for easy positioning on the tire valve.

What We Like About It:

  • Has air deflator valve with easy push button
  • Smart battery saver features
  • It holds pressure reading
  • Backed up by lifetime warranty

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • It requires you to damp air before checking the pressure on another tire

Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 Psi

The Motion Pro digital tire pressure gauge has its design done in the USA and then assembled in China. Its blend of automatic power off and protective anti-shock rubber speak boldly of its quality.

It has a precise digital readout of 1/100 PSI with an error percentage of plus or minus 0.5. One of its distinguishing features is the programmable scale of psi/bar/kPa/kg-cm2. So you can set it to give the reading on a scale that’s convenient to you.

Furthermore, you can set it to take the continuous pressure reading. That way you’ll have to hold it on the tire when taking a reading. On the other hand, it can also retain air pressure reading thus convenient to use.

The 0.9lbs lightweight Motion Pro Digital equipment has a hose length of 18 inches. So reaching the inner tire valve is effortless. For convenience, it keeps the maximum and minimum readings.

What We Like About It:

  • The easy to activate high flow bleeder valve
  • Sturdy case with anti-shock protection
  • A long hose that’s compatible with double wheels
  • Can memorize pressure reading or take the continuous reading too
  • Long battery life of 1000 hours of continuous use

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • A more flexible hose could have been an excellent choice but it does its job

How to Choose a Good Tire Pressure Gauge Made in the USA

Type of Gauge

Tire pressure gauges are of three main types:

  • Stick (pen)
  • Analog
  • Digital


The stick type of pressure gauge is also known as the pen type. Its outstanding advantage is portability. Some people find the stick gauge hard to read at first.

Dial (Analog)

The analog pressure gauges have a clock-like face and an extension (chuck). The dial pressure gauge excels in accuracy and resistance to impacts.

Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital pressure gauges are very accurate and easy to read. But they require batteries and are somehow bulky. Also, most of them glow in the night. That makes them easy to use in a poorly lit environment.


Go for the device that has the narrow percentage error. On the same note, an error of about 1% is ok. However, digital gauges register even errors of plus or minus 0.1psi.


Ensure the range supported by the equipment accommodates the pressure on your vehicle tires. Some stick pressure gauges have a limited scope of measurement. On the other hand, their digital counterparts support a wide range.

But take note of the graduations from one unit to the next.

Weight and Size

You’ll need to have the pressure gauge with you. So make sure the device has a size and weight that easily fits in the storage area. For instance, some drivers keep the pressure instruments in the glove box.


When you need a reliable, durable, and accurate gauge, try the best tire pressure gauge made in the USA.  The list provides both analog and digital pressure gauges.

For ultra-portability, the Milton S-925 Pencil Tire Gauge wins. Otherwise, consider any of the brands that suit your need.

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