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Can You Add Essential Oils Into A Hot Tub?

Relaxing in a hot tub after a hectic day is beneficial to the body and the mind. The soothing massaging effect of jets of water. The cool light and the bubbling water also adds to the visual appeal of the setup.

In such a setting adding essential oils to the hot tub seems like a bright idea. But is it safe to add essential oils to your hot tub?

There are a variety of essential oils. Unfortunately, not all of them can blend with your hot tub. Therefore before the thrill of enjoying aromatherapy pushes you to mix the essential oil with water, recount your move; it might be detrimental to your tub.

Dangers of Adding Ordinary Essential Oil Into Hot Tub

At first, injecting the essential oil into the spa may not result in any immediate problem. But in the long run, it’s almost certain to cost you a fortune; unless you know the right essential oil to use.

Blending your SPA with oils without any consideration puts you and the tub in the following dangers;

Clogging the Filtration System

The modern hot tub has a design that helps to maintain the water clean, clear and therefore requires the less frequent need of changing the water. That happens due to its automatic filtration system that makes the water sparkling clean.

Unfortunately, the filter system of most hot tubs isn’t compatible with oils in general. That’s why before plunging into the hot tub, you have to take a bath and clean out all the body oil and dirt on the skin.

The accumulation of the oils in the tub eventually clogs the filtration system rendering it inefficient.

Lining on the Tub Walls

Besides tampering with the tub’s filtration system, the essential oils also form a lining on the tub walls. Such a lining provides the breeding ground for bacteria. By extension, it also means that even as the filtration system makes an effect to clean the water, the lining will continue to contaminate it.

Unsafe for Direct Contact With the Skin

Some volatile oils may not be safe to make direct contact with the skin, as the American College of Healthcare Sciences and CNET reports. That especially holds when the volatile oil is of high concentration or you possess hypersensitive skin. Otherwise, such application may result in irritation of the skin. Besides exposure to the skin afterward may lead to sunburn.

How to Use Essential Oil in Your Hot Tub Safely

You can still enjoy the benefit of essential oil in a bathtub provided you put the following considerations into use;

Use Essential Oils Designed for Hot Tub Only

The most important factor to enjoying refreshing aromatherapy in your hot tub is to know the specific type of volatile oil to use. As said, not all essential oils work well with hot tubs.

That’s why you need to settle on those types branded as safe for hot tubs. Such essential oils instead of developing buildup or clogging the filters evaporate thus safe to use.

The hot tub friendly brands are pure essential oils with no carrier oils. On the other hand, impure essential oils have carrier oils thus don’t evaporate. At the same time, some are also purely infused oils awarded the scent of essential oils but lacking the chemical properties.

Buy From an Authentic Shop/Vendor

In a world where there are many counterfeits products, it pays to identify and stick to one dependable shop for hot tub friendly essential oils. An authentic hot tub dealer will advise you on the right product that blends with your hot tub. Besides you stand to get a wide variety of aromatherapy in different forms as liquids or capsules.

Add the Correct Amount that Matches the Volume of Your Tub

Remember pure essential oils have high chemical concentration. Therefore you must follow the correct essential oil to tub water volume ratio. In most cases just a few drops (like 3 drops for a tub that fits one person).

Consider Using Essential Oils with Antifungal or Antibacterial Properties

Many essential oils possess antifungal or antibacterial properties. For that reason, you can use them in deep cleaning of the tub.

Furthermore, you can also blend the two types of essential oils to soak the tub and thus eradicate the fungal or bacterial contaminations which could have been present in the tub.

Parting Advice

Yes, you can add essential oil to a hot tub; but just the right type. For that reason, you must identify the right hot tub merchant. Otherwise, when you pick on any ordinary essential oil, you risk damaging your tab filter system and even establishing a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore take time to identify the branded oil to use in your hot tub. After that stick to the right application dosage.

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