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Do Bamboo Charcoal Bags Really Work?

Sometimes the air in your room may get smelly and unclean. Unpleasant odor in a room can come from several sources like pets, children, flowers or accumulated dust.

Thus the need to clean and purify a room air is vital. Although there are commercially available humidifiers and aerosols, many individuals still crave chemical-free solutions to purifying the air.

And that’s where the bamboo charcoal bags come in. The technology of using activated charcoal for purifying air and water is a concept that began long ago. However, it has aroused the interests of many individuals of late.

So What is a Bamboo Charcoal Bag Air Purifier?

As the name suggests, it’s an air purifier based on bamboo charcoals. Basically, it consists of a bag made of porous and decomposable material such as linen packed with bamboo charcoals (activated charcoal).

The size of the bag depends on the room area you wish to purify.



But Why Bamboo at Not Any Ordinary Charcoal?

Highly Porous

There are charcoals from other sources that can help to make air filters, but bamboo makes the best alternative. That’s because compared to others, it is highly porous.

The substance has uncountable pores of different sizes. And the more pores it has, the higher the efficiency of the charcoal air purifier bag.

That because the numerous holes mean attracting more air particles and dust.


Pure bamboo charcoal produces zero scents. Therefore you can happily include it in your room without any fear of charcoal replacing the original foul smell. Since it is odorless, it also has a very minimal to no chance of igniting any allergic reaction.

Removes Allergens

However, although it has no odor, it possesses the ability to trap a wide range of allergens from the air. That includes allergens such as those originating from pollens, pet furs, or other common insects.

Therefore, if you are allergic to such substances named above, the use of a bamboo charcoal bag as an air purifier will see you suffer a less allergic attack.

Furthermore, since it adsorbs and traps the bad bacteria, the disease causing organisms then have no host to depend on. That means they remain on the charcoal bag and die in the long run.

Free from Harmful Chemicals

The quickest and one of the most widespread means to neutralizing a smelly room is using aerosol sprays. However, the composition of the sprays are mostly based on divisive chemicals. Bamboo charcoal bag, on the other hand, is free from toxic chemicals.

Long-Lasting Effect

After setting up the bag of activated charcoal in your room, you won’t just use it for a few days and then throw it away. Instead, you can use a bag for about two years by refreshening it every month.

Thus compared to commercial aerosols, the activated charcoal bag is economical in the long run. When it can no longer function as a purifier, you can use it on your farm as a fertilizer. Hence it offers dual benefits.

And what’s the Science Behind the Action of Bamboo Charcoal Bag? 

The principle of operation of activated charcoal is simple. Bamboo has an abundance of carbon. Once activated, the bamboo charcoal breaks down to assume a large surface area in the bag.

On top of that, it has numerous pores, thus giving it the ability to trap multiple particles of different sizes. The high adsorption ability of the bamboo charcoal attracts many chemicals then traps them from the air.

So with the chemicals and particles adsorbed by the charcoal, they stick on it. Clean air penetrate through and not the adsorbed substances, thus the purification effect of the bamboo charcoal bag.

That’s why you have to use a porous fabric such as linen to hold the activated charcoal. And with time, the bamboo bag significantly increases in weight.

So How Effective Is It?

Yes, according to the American Chemical Society, and other scientific research, activated charcoal significantly helps to eliminate volatile organic compounds from the air.

Besides, most individuals agree that it removes bad smell from a room and even significantly adds weight in the long run. And that’s tangible proof that it works!

How to Set it Up for the Initial Time

For you to reap the maximum benefit from the bamboo charcoal bag for the initial time, you have to take it out in the sunlight for about one hour. It doesn’t require heating except for Ultra Violet rays from the sun. However, in case of insufficient sunlight, you might need to extend the time slightly longer.

After the elapse of time, you can hang it in the room where you need to purify. That can be the bathroom, kitchen, or room with unclean air. But every month, you’ll have to take it out again and rejuvenate its effectiveness. One of the best features of activated charcoal is that it needs no special skills to use.

You can effectively freshen up your car your interior, bedroom, sports shoe, or gym bag. All you need is to assign the task to a bamboo charcoal bag. You don’t have to suffer in a polluted house. Although it might take a few days to take effect in a big house, it’s worth the effort.

Does it look too simple for you to believe? Then why not give it a try? Here are two brands that have impressed previous customers, that is House Edition Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag and Marsheepy 12 Pack Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bag.


Whether it’s the gym bag, your pair of shoes, or the pet that’s polluting the air in your house, you can fight it, purify the air, and breathe fresh air again.

With the help of a Bamboo charcoal bag, you don’t have to suffer the foul smell. And the best part, you can use it again and again.

Secondly, it pauses no poison threat to pets or children. It’s natural, simple to use, and effective. You don’t just have to believe us; give it a try today!

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