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Does a Cool Mist Humidifier Make the Room Cold?

Staying in moisture-deprived offices, living rooms, or bedrooms inconveniences highly. The excessive dryness felt in the nose, lips, or throat is unpleasant. A simple solution to the problem is a cool-mist humidifier.

But Does a Cool Mist Humidifier Make a Room Cold?

Well here is the simple answer: the equipment changes large water droplets into mists then releases them into the moisture-deprived atmosphere.

As a result, the humidity level of the room goes up, the air feels cool making it fresh and pleasant to breathe. However, a cool-mist humidifier doesn’t make the room very cold.

How Does a Cool Mist Humidifier Operate?

A standard cool mist humidifier operates under either evaporative or ultrasonic technology. The cool mist humidifier that operates under the evaporation principle has a water reservoir, wick, and fan.

Water from the reservoir saturates the wick. A fan forces dry air to pass through the drenched wick, trapping impurities and sediments but releasing mist into the environment. In effect that increases the level of humidity in the room.

Owing to their design they are generally cheap, simple to maintain, and humidifies a large area. On the other hand, an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier doesn’t use fun but instead a metallic diaphragm vibrating at a high frequency.

The vibrating diaphragm turns water into mist (molecules of about one micron) and immediately forces the molecules into the air.

The Benefits of Using a Cool Mist Humidifier

To Make a Room Fresh

Breathing stale air in the house isn’t very pleasing. Therefore, incorporating a cool-mist humidifier works to keep the air in a room fresh and pleasant to breathe. Furthermore, the equipment enhances the supply of oxygen thus benefiting health too.

Minimize the Discomfort and Allergies of Dry Air

Extremely dry air in a room often promotes the dryness of the skin, lips, nasal cavity, and scratchy throat. Also, people who suffer from allergic conditions such as hives or eczema find dry air very discomforting.

A cool-mist humidifier injects moisture into the environment. Accordingly, that helps reduce the itchiness of the throat. Besides, a humidified air helps in lubrication of the nasal passage and giving easy breathing. Furthermore, such an environment greatly minimizes the dryness of the skin.

Boost Humidity During Dry Months

According to Harvard University, keeping your indoor air environment at a relative humidity between 40 to 60 percent can help in slowing the spread and fighting some diseases (including covid-19). A room that has optimal relative humidity level help minimizes the building up of mucus.

The research noted that portable humidifiers can thus aid to boost the humidity level of a room to such an optimal level. Hence the cool mist humidifiers become ideal during dry months of the year.

Makes Indoor Plants Thrive

Indoor plants don’t enjoy an excessively dry atmosphere. So when you have a portable humidifier in the room to boost humidity level, the plants become lively.

Promotes Quality and Healthy Sleep

By changing a room environment to be cool and fresh, a cool-mist humidifier sets the right atmosphere for quality sleep. It even minimizes snoring. And quality sleep boosts the overall health of the body.

Why We Like Cool Mist Humidifiers

Besides the benefits listed above, find below more reasons to use cool mist humidifiers:


The design of cool mist humidifiers is simple and thus making them less costly. For example, consider Aqua Oasis that is effective but still very affordable. Its large water tank will keep it running for over 24 hours. Considering it has no filters it attracts very minimal maintenance cost!

Runs Silent

Cool mist humidifiers that use fans produce minimal and tolerable noise levels. However, their ultrasonic counterparts are extra quiet. So you can set it in your bedroom or where the baby sleep and yet experience no distraction. That makes them ideal even for sturdy or yoga rooms.

Effective Over a Large Area

Despite the small size of cool mist humidifiers that use the evaporation principle, they help humidify large rooms. Thus it will occupy just a small area yet its effect felt even in the furthest corner of the room, unlike the warm mist humidifiers.

Few Drawbacks Worth Noting About Cool Mist Humidifiers

Require Some Maintenance

For smooth operation of the equipment, it’s necessary to clean your portable humidifier and prevent the development of molds too.

Noticeable Noise Level

The portable humidifier that works on an evaporation principle has a fan. Consequently, that produces noticeable noise levels that may irritate for instance babies. But if that is so, then the ultrasonic type offers a solution.

Safe Around Kids

The cool mist humidifier doesn’t have hot water inside. Thus it doesn’t have any risk of burning your favorite pet or cherished child. Even if it falls and water spills it’s still safe.

Where Should You Place the Cool Mist Humidifier?

To reduce chances of accidents and optimize the operation of portable humidifiers, ensure the following:

  • Keep it out of a child’s reach
  • Not near electrical equipment or pathway
  • You don’t need to put it very close to the bed; its effect should reach the entire room. Ideally, let it sit at the center of the room
  • Easy to reach by an adult


Therefore, does a Cool mist humidifier make the room cold? Yes, it releases cool mist in the air and hence making the room cooler and fresh. But it’s important to note that it doesn’t make the room extra cold.

Cool mist humidifiers only increase the level of humidity in the room. Such a room then feels fresh, cool, and more hospitable even in dry months.

But to reap its full benefits, use it correctly and carry out regular cleaning.

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