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Difference Between H7 and 94r Battery

There are many car battery brands in the market. But, you only need a reliable battery for your car.

Installing the right battery with the correct chemical composition and capacity saves you from numerous nightmares.

Some of the most famous battery groups include H7 and 94r. Understanding the differences between the two types is vital. Only then can you make an informed choice.

Out in the market, the H7 and 94r are also known as L4 and LN4 batteries. Technically H7 and 94r batteries share many similarities. However, there are few but significant differences between the two.

So before you rush to swap one for the other, you need to know the minor differences between the two.

Outstanding Differences of H7 and 94R Battery

Let’s single out the core differences between the two under the following subheadings;

Compatibility with Automobiles

When you do a quick research you’ll realize that H7 battery is widespread in private vehicles. Such automobiles include top brands such as Audi, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen.

On the other hand, the 94r battery has the most versatile uses. That means you will find it used in both commercial and private auto vehicles. Owing to its versatility, it finds application in vehicles of all sizes.

In other words, the 94r battery has more versatile use than its H7 counterpart.

Cold Cranking Amps

Cold-cranking amps (CCA) determine a battery’s ability to start up an engine during cold weather. You can also term it as the total amount of amperes a battery can produce for 30 seconds when starting an engine in a cold climate of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Starting up a car engine is easier in hot than cold weather.  And so it requires a high amount of CCA to ignite an engine in cold weather.

And with that said, 94R battery stocks a slightly higher cold cranking amperage (usually 620 to 920amps) rating than H7. That’s one core reason why you’ll find a 94r battery being compatible with large commercial auto vehicles. For instance, it finds ideal use in heavy-duty diesel truck engines.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity of a battery refers to the total amount of time a battery can deliver 25amps while retaining its voltage level (should not go below 10.5volts). In other words, it’s the amount of energy given battery stores.

And so, a battery with a high reserve capacity is better than one with a lower rating. That’s because a high reserve capacity rating means the battery can withstand a higher load.

On average, the reserve capacity rating of the H7 battery is about 125 to 135 minutes. On the other hand 94R battery also has a reserve capacity of approximately 135 minutes.

So the two display more or less the same reserve capacity value.

Size and Terminal Orientation

Note that, in a motor vehicle, the space allotted for batteries is usually fixed and non-adjustable. And so when you compare the H7 and 94r batteries, you’ll realize that they both have the same dimension of 12 3/8 (L) x 6 7/8(W) x 7 ½(H) inches.

That means other factors being the same you can easily swap H7 for 94R battery. At the same time, the position of the positive terminal on the two batteries is the same.

That is, viewing the 94r battery from the front view, the positive terminal is to the right side hence the designation R next to the number 94.


The weight of a battery counts. Although many vehicles can handle the weight of most batteries, there comes a time when weight becomes an issue.

For instance, whereas the H7 battery weighs approximately 51lbs, the 94r group of batteries attracts a weight of about 57lbs. That means H7 is lighter than 94r.

A lighter battery cuts down the wear and tear of the tires and gives your car a slight boost in mileage. And to make a better decision when choosing between H7 and 94R batteries, take into account weight among other key factors. That includes the cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity.


That gives you the minor but critical differences between the H7 and 94R batteries. In summary, the two batteries are identical in physical size and terminal orientation.

However, the 94r batteries have more cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity rating. For that reason, it fits heavy-duty use. That’s why it has much versatile use from passenger to commercial vehicle use.

In many automobiles, you can easily swap H7 for 94r batteries. But before doing that, consider other features about your car battery requirements.