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Panda Pan56mgw2 vs Pan56mgp3: Comparison & Review

One of the most dreaded tasks around the home is laundry work. Washing clothes can be tiring, more so when you have toddlers and teenagers.

Fortunately, there are reliable portable washing machines that can lighten the back breaking task. Two such portable washers you can think of are Panda pan56mgw2 and Pan56mgp3.

A rough overview may make the two pieces of equipment appear similar, however they have tangible differences.

Therefore let me take you through a quick comparison of the two so that you can make up your mind on the better option for you;


Panda Portable Compact Top Load Washer, 1.6cu. PAN56MGW2

Below are the major features of the Panda PAN56MGW2;

Compact Space

The Panda PAN56MGW2 is a compact washing machine that takes limited space of 20 x 19 34inches. Despite occupying a small area from your room, it greatly helps in your daily laundry work. Since it stands at 34 inches, it rises significantly above the ground and hence makes it easy to use.

Besides the compact size, its weight of 51lbs lets it rests stably on the ground yet still giving the machine significant portability. But with the help of caster wheels, it can be easy to tow.

Internal Volume

Its internal volume of 1.6 cubic feet holds a couple of clothes with a maximum weight of 11lbs. Therefore it allows you to wash many clothes at ago. In other words, you can accommodate two long trousers, two shirts, a couple of socks, and still leaves space for underwear!

Top Loading Mechanism

Owing to its top-loading mechanism and wide loud-mouthed, loading and offloading off clothes into the machine is straightforward.

10 Wash Programs

Once you have placed the clothes you need to wash in the machine and closed the lid, it gives you a range of 10 different washing programs to select. That includes normal, standard, quick wash, heavy-duty, soak and wash, wash, wash and rinse, rinse and spin, spin, and air dry. Therefore, it leaves you with a wide choice of programs on how to handle your laundry work.

8 Water Levels

Depending on the wash program that you have selected, the panda PAN56MGW2 offers eight water levels. So it ensures that the clothes come out thoroughly rinsed to a sparkling clean level.

Motor Power

With its internal weight capacity standing at 11lbs, the PAN56MGW2 then employs a110v powerful 310w motor to spin the clothes at a required speed. In terms of energy consumption, it won’t push your annual electricity bills to an alarming level. Yet, it’s still sufficient to provide the spin motion and friction.

Sturdy Stainless Steel Drum

Its drum boasts durable stainless steel material. For that reason, it highly resistant to rust and won’t chip off. Accordingly, it guarantees a long life.

Simple to Connect

Setting up the PAN56MGW2 unit is straightforward. Even though it has a single water inlet and outlet, they are sturdy and reliable. Also, the package gives you a water inlet hose that connects to a standard faucet. The inlet hose is complete with an adapter connector kit.

Transparent Lid

As the washing continues, the unit’s transparent lid proves useful. So without opening the cover, you can check on the process and gauge if the water level is enough or the clothes are perfectly clean.

Easy to Use Interface with Electronic Controls

By glancing user interface, you’ll notice that it has every button clearly labeled and not jostled together. The power button, play/pause, child lock features, and wash programs have clear labeling.

Unlike analog buttons that protrude ugly above the surface, PAN56MGW2 employs sleek electronic controls leveled to the washer machine’s surface. Also, it has a LED screen display that shows the crucial parameters like time remaining to make a full wash cycle.


  • It has a compact and space-saving design
  • Fully automatic
  • Runs quiet
  • Holds significant amount of clothes
  • Resistance to rust and chipping
  • Illuminated controls


  • It doesn’t have transportation wheels
  • Inlet hose could have been much longer than 3 feet


Panda Full-Automatic Portable Machine PAN56MGP3

The PAN56MGP3 is one of the portable washing machines that looks almost similar to the Panda pan56mgw2. However, it has significant differences, shown by its key features below:

Compact Size

From its size of 20” L x 19.5” W x 34” H, the PAN56MGP3 won’t rob you of the valuable space from your apartment. Even when you decide to erect it in the bathroom it still leaves you with lots of space.

In terms of height, it’s 34 inches above the ground just like the Panda pan56mgw2. However, it has a slightly longer width of 19.5inches.

The whole unit weighs 58lbs, therefore making it moderately portable. When you have to relocate from an apartment to another house, you can easily move along with it.

Internal Volume

Its internal capacity stands at 1.34 cubic feet and bears up to a weight of 10lbs. So it can carry one or two clothes more than the Panda pan56mgw2. So it allows you to wash a couple of jeans, shirts and maybe two towels and underwear.

Top Loading Mechanism

Regarding the ease of loading clothes to the washing machine it employs a top door loading system. Also, the door features a bluish transparent design. Subsequently, it allows you to check on the ongoing process without disturbing the washing cycle.

Versatile Washing programs

Notwithstanding its portable size, the PAN56MGP3 gives you the benefit of 10 washing programs. Since it doesn’t limit you to one washing program, it counts as a versatile machine indeed.

Motor Power

The frictional force created to aid in the cleaning process is provided by the motor. Using a three-prong 110v plug, 310w motor, the PAN56MGP3 provides enough power yet consuming minimal energy.

Sturdy Design

No one would wish to invest in a washer machine that doesn’t last long. And PAN56MGP3 doesn’t disappoint since it has a stainless steel drum. For that purpose, it resists corrosion and chipping.

Water Levels

The portable PAN56MGP3 machine wash has five different water levels to match the washing programs. Therefore it shouldn’t give you much trouble.

Intuitive Electronic Controls

Even if you haven’t used the equipment before, the unit has a simple to use user interface. The electronics controls, and the LED display makes it easy to navigate.


  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • A sturdy stainless steel drum
  • Transparent top-loading door
  • Free inlet and outlet hose


  • Hose length is short


So here is a quick summary of the vital features


The Panda pan56mgw2 and pan56mgp3 share the following features:

  1. Easy to use electronic controls plus LED display screen
  2. Top loading stem
  3. Transparent top door
  4. Same motor rating of 310 watts
  5. Stainless steel drum
  6. 10 washing programs
  7. Single water inlet hose
  8. Fully automatic washing process

On the other hand, here is a table that highlights how Panda pan56mgw2 and pan56mgp3 washing machines differ.


Panda Pan56mgw2
Capacity 1.6cu ft.1.34 cu ft.
Size34 x 19 x 20 inches34 x 19.5 x 20 inches
Water Levels8 water levels5 water levels



If you were wondering how they differ, then the Panda pan56mgw2 vs pan56mgp3 Comparison sheds more light. Consequently, you can make up your mind about the two models and know the model that suits your need. Otherwise, have a happy shopping!


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